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Fixed a Screen Share issue for me

My macbook pro was not seeing my mini server through bonjour. An imac on the home network could see it just fine and the button was displayed on the finder window to allow Screen Sharing with it. The mini server is headless. Connecting through Command-K on the macbook let me mount drives, but I could not see the mini to allow screen sharing-the Share Screen button just would not show up. JellyVNC could not see the mini through bonjour (on the macbook) indicating a bonjour issue with the macbook that I do not know how to fix. However, manually setting up the mini’s server connection through JellyVNC allowed the macbook to connect and share its screen. No more relying on the button to show up in finder! Wish I had found this sooner as a use the mini to support an AppleTV for my music/video library. The interface is simple and easy and for me it just worked.

It's OK

No, it doesn't do much, but if you have a number of computers you VNC to regularly, then this is an essential bit of functionality. In fact, it's really, really obnoxious that the ability to name/bookmark VNC and AFP connections is not provided by the OS. But of course, Apple is way too busy releasing updates to iTunes and the App store to bother with improvements or bug fixes to the desktop OS. This program would be more useful if it also provided bookmarking for AFP connections as well as VNC. And it'd be nice if it would read the already-extant list of servers that appear in the Finder's "Connect to Server" (cmd-K) window; that would save some manual entry.

Just a front-end

Very little functionality, just saves you from having to type vnc://user@ipaddress into the Command-K interface in finder. Not really worth $3.

Basic functionality with a few minor issues.

JellyVNC is a pretty good front end to the built in Screen Sharing app. It does nothing to improve the Screen Sharing app once the connection is established, however. I fount performance somewhat sluggish remotely controlling a remote system over a limited bandwidth connection compared to other VNC clients, but that not the fault of JellyVNC. One minor negative is version 1.1 does not work on my original MacBook Core Duo computer. 1.0 worked fine, but would not upgrade to 1.1 through the App Store. I moved 1.1 from my current generation MacBook Pro to the MacBook and it generates a 'You cannot open the application because it is not supported on this type of Mac.' This is a minor annoyance but the App Store continues to point out that there is an upgrade available, flagging the App Store icon to indicate this. It isn't a huge issue, but it detracts from application. In short, JellyVNC does what it says it does well and at a reasonable price, but suffers from other, related applications.

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